Dating a french girl



The main rule of F dating a french girl , which, by the way, do not at all meet the classical canons of beauty (but the abyss of charm hides this) - to love yourself. That's all. However, abstract wording does not imply solely selfishness, although its inhabitants of the most romantic country do not occupy. 

You are the best simply because you are you: what you are - tired, annoyed or vice versa - happy and energetic. Admire yourself, and then others will begin to do the same. To love yourself correctly, you need to know only a few of the simplest rules, and then you will be absolutely irresistible, even if you have never lived in Paris and have not studied French beauty art with the most charming Parisians.

Fashion is changing, and beauty remains unchanged. A few years ago, thin girls climbed on top of Olympus - in fashion there were flapping clavicles, ribs and sharp knees. Then they were replaced by pulled-up beauties with press cubes, and relief bodies: is it really beautiful? A matter of taste. Now women with magnificent forms are confidently knocked out into the leaders. Agree, it is simply impossible to waste yourself with tough diets, to engage until exhaustion in the gym or vice versa - to gain weight lost with such difficulty. 

We are constantly chasing the ideal, often forgetting in this race to pay attention to our own reflection in the mirror, which, as you have already guessed, perfectly and completely does not require significant changes, except for easy adjustment (however, striving for perfection is never harmful, the main thing is not to turn this desire into a fanatical pursuit). This is another rule of life for French women: accept yourself as you are, and those around you will see exclusively your merits.

Despondency, as you know, is a sin, so it's time to stop indulging in him and look around. All cities are equally beautiful. Try to listen not only to strangers, but also to your desires - so French women teach.